Empowering women to experience how regular physical activity and a well-balanced lifestyle has the power to unlock their full personal and professional potential.

You’re here because you believe that your health and wellness matter. I believe they do and I am dedicated to helping you take control of your lifestyle. Daily practice and commitment are key to building positive and long-lasting habits that will change your life.


Now that we've found each other, let's start your journey into a more nourishing, active and well-balanced lifestyle.


Hi! I am Lara, founder of Wellness Code. Since I was a little girl I have been passionate about exercise and physical activity. I have first hand experience of all the benefits that daily physical activity can bring to your life; from improving your body confidence and self-esteem to increasing your energy levels and becoming more resilient
at dealing with life challenges.


Four years ago, I became a personal trainer, and
I discovered that I absolutely love working with people, especially women. Enhancing and
improving people’s lives by incorporating
exercise and good lifestyle habits into their
daily routines truly makes me happy. 


When I am not exercising or coaching clients,

you'll most likely find me scouting out the
best coffee shops in town, exploring foodie
spots around the world, or looking for new
adventures and challenges that get me
out of my comfort zone.

BSc Sport and Exercise Science

LEVEL 3 Personal Trainer

Women Fitness Specialist





I exercise 4/5 times a week using mostly Lara’s workouts. Exercise gives me a sense of escapism, helping me to forget everything that’s going on with current affairs, and I think we all need that at the moment.



 Lara me ayudó a ser consciente de ello y comencé con una rutina de deporte que ella misma hizo a mí medida. Esto junto con una alimentación más sana ha cambiado mi vida literalmente. 


Exercise has the potential to transform your life. Whether you want to lose weight, feel stronger or increase your stamina, we can do it together by creating a personalised training program tailored to your needs and current lifestyle.

Unlock your personal and professional potential fully by creating sustainable and long-lasting lifestyle habits. Throughout the process you will gain comprehensive, in-depth knowledge and understanding about how your diet, physical activity and lifestyle are impacting your life – and how you can improve and utilise them to help you feel better.

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