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Exercise is crucial to me. I exercise 4/5 times a week using mostly Lara’s workouts. Speaking from personal experience, working in an office (from home now) can be difficult sometimes
(lack of motivation, movement limitation) but a daily workout routine can really help overcoming those obstacles. Exercise gives me a sense of escapism, helping me to forget everything that’s going on with current affairs, and I think we all need that at the moment. Overall, exercise makes me feel motivated, healthy and happy! YOU SHOULD TRY!

Celia Cerredo


Como el deporte cambió mi vida.

Desde pequeña siempre fui muy activa, haciendo del deporte mi día a día. Pero esto cambió en la adolescencia, cuando empecé mi vida sedentaria, ganando un montón de peso, y no solo eso, sintiéndome en baja forma, cansándome incluso al subir scaleras. Lara me ayudó a ser consciente de ello y comencé con una rutina de deporte que ella misma hizo a mí medida. Esto junto con una alimentación más sana ha cambiado mi vida literalmente. Hoy en día me siento más fuerte y mucho más en forma, incluso puedo decir que necesito el deporte para poder sentirme bien! Pero lo más importante, puedo decir que ahora me siento a gusto conmigo misma! Gracias Lara.

Alba Rodriguez


I started training with Lara almost a year ago - my lovely friend had recommended I do a session with Lara and I haven't looked back since! Within seconds of meeting Lara I clicked with her warm, re-assuring and positive energy. Exercise hadn't been part of my routine since school and to be honest I was actually pretty nervous. I wanted to make sure I was looking after myself but knew I just couldn't do it alone. Lara was so kind and patient - together we looked at everything involved in my diet, lifestyle and general fitness. We built a plan and now we make small  tweaks every few weeks, to make sure it's achievable and to ensure I build it into my day-to-day lifestyle. Lara's compassion, encouragement and dedication has absolutely been the  confidence boost I needed to enjoy exercise and feel good within my body. Without question, there have been times that I've  struggled - but Lara has always known exactly what to say to get me back on track when I needed a hand and allow me to rest when my body was exhausted. I can't quite put into words how much training with Lara has meant to me, it's taught me discipline, patience and the importance of exercise - not just for my body but also for my mind. I honestly cannot recommend training with Lara enough, I cannot imagine my life without her and I feel so lucky to have found such an incredible trainer and coach.

Dani Darcy

I was training with Lara for one year. I had started with a few introduction sessions into weight training and I haven’t stopped since then. I wasn’t confident going to the gym before and I also didn’t see any results when I did because I didn’t know what I was doing. Lara has built not only programs for me but my confidence too. Going to the gym for sessions with her became my weekly treat instead of a pack of crisps. She had also helped me with my diet and understanding of what my body needs. My goal was to lose weight which we achieved but what I didn’t expect is to get a new hobby which became my lifestyle. I moved to a different city and sadly had to stop training with Lara but my life has changed permanently because of the time I spent with her. I am different person when it comes to the relationship with my body and I am still able to make my own workouts and diet which I wouldn’t be able to do if I didn’t train with Lara.

Lucie Kusakova

I have a pretty active job and have always tried to train alongside my day to day life. Before I started training with Lara, cardio and light weights were all I really knew how to do. I try to train 5 days a week as well as maintaining a balanced diet (which has definitely increased since upping my weights). Exercise always makes me feel better. I try to train in the morning because I find it sets my day up in the right way. No matter how tired or lethargic I feel, once I have worked out, I feel immediately better. I have been following Lara’s programmes for the last year and my progress has been undeniable. Training with Lara is so much fun -
she really pushes me to push myself! Thanks Lara for all your help, guidance and friendship.

Rosie Tappin

Before I met Lara, I struggled to eat healthy and although I was exercising, I was still unfit and couldn’t lose weight. Through Lara’s training, she helped me to put in place a healthy consistent diet, lose weight and tone up. It allowed me to put structure into my life and realise that how I present myself on the mat is reflective of how I deal with my own life situations. She is an incredible personal trainer who empowers you to be yourself and get results.

Sorcha Healy


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