Dream big, start small.

Me and Lara often remind you that the best way to succeed in reaching the goal is to make it personal. Think about what you would like to be, what you would like to be able to do. What makes your heart skip a beat?

My big dream.

This summer I walked and cycled miles after miles to increase my activity level as the gyms were closed. While doing so, I remembered how much I actually do enjoy hiking.

It reminds me of all the stories, books and movies that inspire me. My sister walking 100 km in 24 hours on Latvian coast every year, Rolfs Potts book 'Vagabonding'. An uncommon guide to the art of long- term world travel', my recently finished Cheryl Strays story about her time on the Pacific Crest trail 'Wild' ( movie was just as good), are things that make me want to have my own little adventure.

A long time dream of mine is to go on a month-long solo hike. Alone, in nature and covering hundreds of kilometres while letting the environment consume routine and worries that are part of everyday life I usually lead.

I guess my romanticised idea is that it would help me to reshape my mindset and teach me how to push through boredom, wanting to quit or control everything around me. Sort of go on the way of pilgrimage. In my head, I imagine I would like to be a person who has stamina and what it takes to do that.

Get inspired but don't let it stop you.

I'm a grown-up with responsibilities. Is it even possible to have a month off? I will need a gear which is expensive. What about my job? Will I miss social interactions? Longest distance I have done in one go on foot is 24 miles, how will I manage a couple hundred?

Quite often we set ourselves a fitness (or personal) goal that seems quite far fetched, maybe even unreachable. It makes it seem more like a dream than an achievable reality.

Would you like to be able to run a marathon, but don't have enough time to practice or can't really run even a mile at the moment?

Would like to have a black belt one day and be a girl that really can kick some ass? but not sure if there are martial arts clubs nearby that have female classes. It may seems quite dangerous and injuries might affect your ability to work.

Would you like to look and be able to move like that girl on instagram? but it looks like she is spending hours and hours in the gym every day. Who even has that much time and energy after all the real life obligations, right?

Starting small.

Even though, I don't know when I will have enough courage to create this opportunity for myself in terms of financial and time limitations, I have written it in my bucket list as a goal to look forward to and work towards. Maybe I will do it one day or maybe not.

Meanwhile what I can do is cover enough road under my feet and prepare my body physically for longer distances.

I will enjoy the process of hiking, put it down as my leisurely activity and get the benefits that long distances and time outdoors provide my body, especially to the cardiovascular and nervous systems.

Visualising the end goal and what you would like to achieve It’is what creates this first motivation and drive to do something about it. However, it is important to set yourself small achievable tasks that will get you started.

Go for three one mile long runs. Sign up to a kickboxing class once a week. Join your friend for a workout. You might just realize that your end goal is not that unachievable and through the process of actually doing something, you will find your way through those barriers that were really high when you first thought about it. 

Is it really what you want?

Sometimes while going through the process of actually participating in the chosen activity on a smaller scale you might realize that what you imagined you want to achieve has slightly changed.

After reading a couple of books about long distance hiking, I imagined that the best place for my adventure would be Nepal. Many experienced hikers have documented their trails in that part of the world and it seemed to be 'the place' to go to.

Now coming back to it and doing a bit more research, I found that Nepal trails have become quite unwelcome for solo travelers as camping sites and accomodations prefer larger tourist groups due to the business they bring to them, quite often leaving solo hikers without a place to rest.

Does it mean that I need to let go of my dream? No, I just need to adjust my expectations or look for alternatives. Who knows what the end goal will actually look like once I will get to it, because there is still so much work to do before I worry about that.

So dream big, but don't let your wants and expectations swallow the joy of process. Because it is what we do on everyday bases that changes us just as much as big achievements and experiences do.

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