Exercise, and its power to change your life forever

Updated: May 2, 2020

Exercise has been an important part of my life since I was a little girl. Like any other activity you may have grown up doing, physical activity comes naturally to me and I wasn’t aware of the impact this would have in my life, nor its potential to transform other people’s life.

I made exercise and physical activity my career, not knowing how I would merge my love for moving my body and my mission in life of helping others.

I moved to England from Spain, where I was born and raised, in 2016. After a year juggling between three different jobs while I was improving my English-speaking skills, I started my current career as a Fitness Coach.

Coaching others to improve their lives through physical activity and exercise has given me what I was looking for: my life purpose.

Later in my career, I understood that exercise is much more than losing a few pounds or lifting heavy weights. It has the power to change your life forever!

Whether your goal is to slim down or be able to do a press-up, there are four different skills that are key in helping you achieve and maintain that goal: self-discipline, commitment, perseverance and development. Once you master these, you become unstoppable. Not just to reach any fitness goals you may have, but also to accomplish anything you wish in your life and overcome any obstacle you may find along the journey.


It is the ability to push yourself forward and take action regardless of how you're feeling physically or emotionally, or other factors such a distractions or unfavourable odds. Regular exercise has given me the ability to manage my feelings, overcome my weaknesses and be in control of my daily choices.


It is a firm decision to do something. Despite how sluggish or demotivated I feel on that day, I will still work-out. Following the plan will allow me to achieve whatever goal I have set for that week, and oh god, how good it feels!


It is the continued effort and determination to follow through your intentions. No matter how many obstacles you encounter on the way or how difficult to overcome they are, with persistence you will get through anything that life puts in your way.


The art to maintain and improve. Exercise has taught me that there are no limits and there is always room to progress and to be better. Last year, I set up the goal of being able to do a pull-up, it was really hard to get there. Five months after achieving my first pull-up, I went on to do TEN.

This also applies on the search for a better job or the process of learning a new language.

We are not born with these skills, they are learnt. I strongly believe they are the key to a happier and successful life and regular exercise has the power to teach them to you too.

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