If weight loss isn't the goal, what can you focus on?

As a coach, I truly believe that any reason to exercise or increase your general physical activity is valid - as long as you are doing it for yourself.

That being said, and I’m not going to lie, it makes me happy to see more people embrace exercise for its positive physical and mental benefits and feeling empowered and in control of themselves. When I started my career as a personal trainer, the majority of my clients’ initial goals were weight loss. But now, many of my clients are drawing their focus away from aesthetic goals and instead are motivated to exercise because it makes them feel good and they can challenge their body.

So, what are some other goals you can focus on besides weight loss?

Get stronger.

This was my main focus last year. Applying a progressive overload, seeing my numbers go up, and improving each week was the perfect motivation to stick to my training plan. Feeling stronger is such an empowering thing!

Improving your mobility.

Increasing range of motion, feeling more mobile and flexible, especially in a society where everyone is so stiff due to the number of hours spent sitting at the desk.

Feeling fitter.

Whether it is choosing to walk to work and not struggling, feeling energised each morning, keeping up with your kids, or running further or faster, the feeling of increased physical fitness is such a great motivation to get active.

Mental health benefits.

Exercise is constantly linked to benefitting our mental wellbeing. I would say this is one of the main reasons why a lot of people stick to an exercise routine nowadays. It allows us to have a break from daily life responsibilities and stresses, boosting our mood and giving us an enormous sense of general wellbeing.

Sense of community.

I have worked as a fitness instructor, and I can’t not explain how happy it makes me feel to see people interacting with each other before and after classes, or seeing friend go for a group run! Exercise brings people together, and it is such a great way to socialise and meet new people.

I believe that if you focus on how great it feels to move your body, you will have more chances to succeed in your fitness journey. Then, the physique you want or weight loss end up as a result of your consistent effort and dedication. So, let’s get started!

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